Rides* are listed for FREE at Timbike2.com. Just send us your ride details and we'll post them for all the world to see!

But, if you want to stand out from the crowd and encourage cyclists to spend their limited time and dollars on your ride instead of the other guys' event...consider this simple, FREE, offer....

At Timbike2 we are always growing and always looking to spread the word about our site. So, if you place a link to us on your club or event's website as a listing for your members or guests to find other rides, we will highlight your ride's listing with a bold font style and set the background to an attention-getting color.

You may link to a regional page (i.e. "Midwest") or our Home Page for this offer. This is a wonderful way for your club to provide your members with a wonderful database of rides with no work for your webmaster (or payments to a site developer).

Links may open in a new window, but this is not necesary. Your link does however need to be on a page that is publicly available and display "Timbike2," "Timbike2.com" or "www.Timbike2.com"

That's all there is to it! Simple, easy and free!

* Eligible events must be events sponsored by an agency, club, organization &/or government entity and intended for "road" cyclists. Listed events should have a web site and a contact name, number &/or e-mail address. This index is NOT intended for race listings (although some events may be timed or part of larger festivals which also include race events). Timbike2.com reserves the right to not accept &/or remove any listing without cause.